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Ensure your organisation is compliant with the latest standards in email encryption and authentication.

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$4.2 bn
Estimated loss to businesses for BEC in 2021. (Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2022)
of all cyber attacks originate from a phishing email. (Deloitte)
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Email fraud is a growing advanced form of phishing that is on the rise. Companies which don’t have properly configured email authentication are vulnerable to criminals impersonating their brand and scamming their customers and staff. This is known as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Proper configuration of email authentication is growing but still below 50% in some sectors [i]. Beyond the threat of impersonation, business risk their brand losing credibility as major consumer email providers have started flagging non-compliant messages from companies. This affects both the open rate of email to clients and customers, and has the potential to decrease delivery success rates, if companies don’t take proper action.

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Ensure the latest standards in encryption protocols with DMARC authentication.

Email Guard is a tool for assessing email security compliance and at the same time, ensure the latest standards in encryption protocols. Email spoofing is much harder if email domain owners adopt Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) to ensure that their email addresses are not successfully used by criminals as part of their campaigns.

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Simplifying a complex process

Email Authentication is based on DNS records. You need to setup 3 kinds of records to establish Email Authentication: DMARC, SPF, and DKIM. Each of them provides a different purpose—DMARC sets up reporting, SPF identifies approved email senders, and DKIM sets up cryptographic authentication of senders Email Guard helps you to set up and maintain good DMARC, SPF, DKIM and TLS configurations. It also collects, processes and analyses DMARC reports.

$4.2bnEstimated loss to businesses for BEC in 2021 (i)
Deloitte found that 91% of all cyber attacks originate from a phishing email (an email that attempts to steal money, identity or personal information through a spoof website link that looks legitimate) (iii)

Key Features

  1. Monitor your email authentication delivery reports to build an organisational and current configuration profile.
  2. Identify configuration gaps to help you shore up your email protection protocols while maintaining email deliverability to your partners and customers.
  3. Detailed visibility into all domains and subdomains sending email on your behalf.
  4. Visual dashboards for macro-level trend analysis and drill downs to individual fraudulent email sender's IP address.
  5. Insights into your email confidentiality, to help ensure you are using the latest encryption tools.
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Avoid damage to the reputation of your business


  1. Reduces the risk of malware entering your organisation and those you provide service to.
  2. Helps protect the organisation you do business with by making it difficult for cybercriminals to spoof your email address.
  3. Helps protect your brand and reputation.
  4. Increased deliverability - your legitimate emails are more likely to be delivered.
  5. Anti-spoofing and email authentication, provides protection against email fraud perpetrated against a company and its email recipients.
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Don’t let hackers hijack your brand and risk serious reputational harm.